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Healthcare intelligence software
(Planning and Performance Manager – PPM)
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Vital Signs
Discrete bits of information by themselves reveal little. Put them in context however and they yield β€œintelligence,” insight and opportunity. Vital Signs are relational statistics/indicators that individually and collectively reveal actionable business intelligence. Vital Signs reports present statistics from three perspectives: over time (trends), compared to expectations (budget or standard), and compared to peers. The complete set of Vital Signs is dynamic, evolving and changing to meet health center requirements. Reports may include any or all of the more than one hundred defined statistics. The statistics below represent a small sample of the Vital Signs that are available on demand by site, reporting group, department, provider, payer, job category, service category and other perspectives.

  • Medical/dental visits per day
  • Provider visits/RVUs per productive hour
  • Provider salary cost per visit/RVU
  • Productive time percentage
  • Payer revenue per visit, gross and net
  • Variable cost per visit/RVU
  • Total cost per visit/RVU
  • Indirect expense rate AR days, gross and net
  • Relative value units (RVUs) per visit
  • Provider support FTEs per provider
  • FTE Salary cost per FTE and by position
  • Benefits percent of salaries
  • Payer net revenue/contractual percentage
  • Contribution margin dollars/percentage per visit
  • Operating margin dollars/percentage per visit
  • Break even visits Return on net investment

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