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Healthcare intelligence software
(Planning and Performance Manager – PPM)
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Opportunity Capital
  Net income is the tangible result of countless operational and managerial actions and decisions made every day, each with economic consequences. The key is to know what those consequences are and which combination of actions and decisions will produce the best results.

In every health center there is a cache of available capital consisting of unrecognized and/or unconverted business (income) opportunities. Identifying and quantifying those opportunities is precisely the purpose of PPM’s Opportunity Capital™ management module. The software targets key determinates of economic performance across sites and compares them to budgets, to prior years, to industry standards, and to peers in order to identify and quantify opportunities for improved performance.

PPM then allows users to model the impact of various strategies across three key areas:
  1. Volume, mix and intensity
  2. Staffing and productivity
  3. Profitability and margins