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Healthcare intelligence software
(Planning and Performance Manager – PPM)
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Features and Benefits
Features Benefits

  - Calculates relative value units (RVUs) by provider and by health plan

  - Allows managers and administrators to monitor performance and productivity and replicate best practices.

  - Generates flexible budget formulas and projections on demand, year round.

  - Reduces the time and effort required to develop forecasts and budgets while increasing their accuracy.

  - Calculates and reports provider productivity and cost effectiveness on a visit and RVU basis.

  - Supports compensation plans based upon consistent performance measures and targets best practices.

  - Performs cost accounting to support product line profitability analysis.

  - Supports product line planning, contract analysis and negotiation based upon actual cost and margin analysis.

  - Provides comprehensive and integrated “dashboard/report card” reporting that is customizable for each user.

  - Increases organizational speed and decision effectiveness by reducing dependence on spreadsheets and report writers and by making common facts widely available.

  - Calculates Opportunity Capital® by organizational unit, position, account and payer/product.

  - Pinpoints profit enhancing opportunities in real time and guides managers into conversion strategies that demonstrably enhance earnings.