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Healthcare intelligence software
(Planning and Performance Manager – PPM)
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PPM is the only resource of its kind in community health care.  It is strategically valuable because it maximizes decision quality, data quality and business productivity at a cost that health centers can afford. 

Healthcare Intelligence


(Converting Data
Into Opportunity)

  Validation. Data integrity is the foundation for all reporting and analysis. Core applications do not adequately ensure data quality. PPM identifies intra and inter-application errors and inconsistencies in parameters and data from all legacy systems.
Integration. Most useful and valuable information is created by correlating data from multiple “production” systems, e.g. cost per visit/RVU. Without business intelligence software, labor intensive and error prone spreadsheets are the only means. PPM integrates data from all non-clinical legacy systems.
Intelligence. Data is rarely in short supply but timely, “actionable” information and answers are. Hundreds if not thousands of variables and changes impact business outcomes every day. PPM’s “data diagnostics” scans these variables and changes to identify and analyze both errors and opportunities.
Opportunity. Successful organizations are adept and recognizing, creating and converting opportunity into results. PPM identifies, quantifies and targets prospectively, those combinations of performance variables that represent income opportunities.