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Healthcare intelligence software
(Planning and Performance Manager – PPM)
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Planning and Performance Manager (PPM) is business intelligence software developed exclusively for healthcare organizations. PPM validates and integrates data from all non-clinical systems to maximize business outcomes. Its five key functions are:

Planning and Budgeting. PPM completely automates forecasting and budgeting, reducing the time commitment by 80 to 90 percent while substantially improving the accuracy. Leaders can predict or simulate the impact of decisions before they are implemented.

Performance Management. PPM provides regular and ad hoc reports to evaluate actual results against plans, to analyze variances and maintain accountability, and to update or revise plans as required. It also compares provider productivity by location and by payment source.

Profitability and Margins. PPM presents profitability and margin reporting and analyses by location, provider, payer and other “product” lines including full risk capitation. It calculates relative value units using data from existing systems and performs complex cost allocation and distribution functions in minutes.

Opportunity Capital Management. PPM quantifies the unconverted value of an organization’s optimum performance, referred to as its “opportunity capital.” It identifies key variables and “opportunities” throughout the organization and creates action lists or templates to convert those opportunities into results.

Grants and Compliance.PPM uses Uniform Parameter Sets (UPS) and variable reporting periods to reduce the cost generating these reports while improving the quality of data that is reported to regulatory agencies and third party funding organizations.